Fire Prevention/Inspections/New Construction/Fees

To assist you in planning your next construction project, the following Standard Development Conditions will guide you through requirements for new construction.

The Fire Code requires certain operations to obtain a PERMIT TO OPERATE, the following is an application, listing of operations requiring a permit, and information to the permit process.

Fees are required for all new construction, plan review and inspection, including fire protection and detection systems.  The following Fee Schedule and Application will identify required fees for new construction.

Plans submitted for review and approval require the PLAN REVIEW INTAKE FORM to be completed. Please submit three (3) sets of plans at submittal; one will be kept for District files and two (2) stamped sets will be returned to you.

KNOX – Rapid Entry System Information

Ordinances related to Fire Prevention

Preparing is essential in protecting your property from the disasters of wildfire. Defensible Space and Home Hardening are just two important ways to prepare. More information can be found at the following link.

For additional information, to schedule an inspection, or general questions regarding fire prevention, please call (530) 878-0405.