Fire Chief

Fire Chief Kirk Kushen

Chief’s Update March 14, 2020

Our Fire District proudly provides the highest quality fire protection, emergency medical, rescue, and hazardous materials control and response services to our communities. We take pride in evaluating and developing innovative solutions to maintain the most cost effective, community oriented, customer service focused organization. We continue to make advancements in our ability to deliver enhanced levels of services thanks to the professionally trained and dedicated people who are committed to serving our Fire District and protecting our communities.

We have been supported by the overwhelming voice of our constituents in successfully approving the additional Special Tax Measure A for the Placer Hills Fire District. The additional revenue generated has provided us the ability to add daily staffing to increase the number of permanent, highly trained career firefighters. These added personnel, on duty and available to respond to requests for services, provides a safer work environment for our firefighters while simultaneously increasing our capability to rapidly mitigate emergencies and prevent loss of life, property and the environment.

Tremendous progress has been made in developing new programs and services to better serve our citizens. We have developed a Joint Operations Agreement (JOA) to provide all of our local Fire Districts an integrated, unified pool of shared personnel that enhances our service capabilities with shared training, operational cohesion and service delivery expectations. This JOA increases our ability to properly staff all of our stations, while bolstering our capacity to provide additional personnel, when needed, to deliver support for our mutual aid system to assist our local, regional and statewide fire agencies. We have been streamlining our overhead and managing our agencies with one centralized Training, EMS and Logistics program. We have been successfully consolidating our Fleet Services to provide additional fiscal efficiencies and accountability.

An additional successful new program is our FEMA Grant funded Fire Marshal position. We have established a Fire Prevention Division that is making daily impacts on improving the safety of our communities. The additional services delivered are positively impacting the survivability of our communities from the ravages of wildland fires through area fuels reduction projects, defensible space clearance inspections, enhanced public education and significant local participation in the NFPA Firewise USA Program.  Other benefits are conducting difficult and complex field checks of fire prevention systems including, but not limited to, fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, access and egress requirements. Our new Fire Marshal has also been busy writing new codes and ordinances for industrial, commercial, institutional and residential facilities to ensure compliance with fire and life safety regulations.

Our progress will continue to evolve with many ongoing and innovative improvements to our service delivery model. We have purchased a new fire engine for the Placer Hills Fire District with grant assistance provided by the Placer County Air Pollution Control District. We are developing many opportunities to share our apparatus and facilities purchasing, maintenance and repairs utilizing our limited revenue as efficiently as possible.

Our success is directly related to our continuing ability to deliver the highest levels of emergency services while ensuring that we deliver excellent  internal and external customer service. This success would not be possible without the ongoing community support we receive. As your local government fire agency, we are your friends and neighbors and take great pride in our dedication to our fire service traditions and the ability to give back to our communities.

Proudly Serving Our Communities,

Kirk Kushen

Fire Chief

Placer Hills and Newcastle

Fire Protection Districts